? Made with a slim tapered head for easy insertion
? It is harness compatible
? It has a flat base for safer play
This toy is created for some great anal play. Long and slim with a tapered head, it is really easy to insert it into your anus. The toy also features a flat base which makes the toy safe since you cannot over insert it, and it makes it secure enough to be worn hands free. Speaking of hands free, this toy is also harness compatible so you can get even more use of it at play time with your partner. This toy can be used boy both males and females, for both vaginal and anal play.
The material on this toy is body safe so that you can play with no worries. It also slicks up very well with water based lubricant so that insertion is Floral Lingerie a breeze. The slick dick may be small but to insert it with ease you still need to be aroused and relaxed so that it goes into your anal orifice with ease, a good amount of lubricant helps as well. This toy can be used alone during some solo play time or with your partner. You can either choose to use it with or without the harness, but either way you have full control of your slick dick.
The toy can be used with any good anal lubricant you like although water based lubricants are the best. You can clean this toy using warm water and mild soap or using a good toy cleaner of choice if you want to have a faster clean. The toy should be cleaned before and after each use for the best experience with it, and ensure that you let it dry completely before storing. Do not store the slick dick in contact with other toys.